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    School = Milk?

    Milk is a true British institution. When was Milk last in schools? The history of milk is fascinating We would like to see MILK brought back into our schools and into our children's thinking and DIET

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    All cheeses, creams, yogurts

    All cheeses, creams, yogurts, butters and ice creams initially come from milk, and are made using various different manufacturing techniques.


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    Yogurt is a kind of fermented milk

    Yogurt is a kind of fermented milk product which is created adding harmless bacteria to milk. Cream is the thicker portion of milk and rises to the top of untreated milks. Cream has many uses in cooking and is also used to make other dairy products including butter, cream cheese and dairy ice cream. Ice cream first appeared in China and it is now estimated that on average in the UK we each consume up to 8 litres a year.

Cool Milk

During the course of this conference the school rules, policies and procedures will be outlined to both student and parents and students will be able to select which electives they require. The curriculum will be explained and its organization for examination purposes in terms of University of Cambridge.

Milk for schools

  • The benefits of milk in schools
    Milk is the most significant fuel the body needs and will ensure that school children have a balanced diet. Chapter 20 school milk and meals of guide for school governor - Department of Education, Northern Ireland Comprising between 50 to 70 per cent of an adults total body weight, without milk a human’s survival is limited to a matter of hours or days.

  • We all lose a significant amount of milk each day, mainly through urine and sweat, all of which needs to be replaced. Many people don’t consume enough milk to replace this lost fluid and as a result often complain of headaches, tiredness and loss of concentration. Hydration therefore has a significant impact on all of working days; lack of hydration makes us less efficient at work, less likely to be able to cope with stressful situations and less likely to generate the original thinking that makes companies successful. It’s no surprise then that the milk cooler has become as regular a feature in offices as desks and chairs.

  • Dairy farms are working with schools, one of Europe’s leading plumbed milk cooler providers, to deliver the very finest in contemporary, reliable milk coolers able to meet the growing demand for hydration at school, college and work. 

  • Traditional un-plumbed systems that provide high quality spring milk are also available from dairy farms. Where plumbing is not available and storage of large heavy bottles is not an issue that can often be a useful solution to providing hydration at work.

  • Milk for schools, is it about the money?

  • The School Milk Project